mad. [house]

720p is a must for this video!--"feel the vibe,feel the terror,feel the pain,it's driving me insane.""trouble is my middle name but in the end I'm not so bad,can someone tell me if it's wrong to be so madabout you.""give me all your true hate and I'll translate it in our bedinto never seen passion,that's why I am so mad."--My entry for Boit is finally here. and yes, it's featuring House.This was probably a pretty suicidal choice for TONS of reason.The first one is that I'll probably get deleted for this, but I'm ready to suffer the consequences;)Second of all, this video of course is mostly meaningful for those who actually follow the show. I don't know if the judges do, I know for sure that Julia doesn't but honestly, I'm not sure if this is going to be completely relevant for the sake of the challenge, cause I wanted to show you something slightly different:the importance of the "atmosphere" for a music video. This song is highly underestimated in my opinion, someone sees it as the same old romantic song, but I don't think it's like that. I find it powerful and extremely dark but entertaining at the same time. That's why I decided to use "gradient map" as my one effect. It may seem a shallow choice but it's not. If I had chosen "glow" as my one effect the video would have taken a completely different direction: you would have seen it as the same old fan video with the ship you like + a romantic song.The main theme behind this video is "madness", house's madness, perfectly portrayed in the close-ups of his face.What I also wanted to prove was the importance of the clips choice. Once again, the song was perfect for "sweet" scenes, but it would have had a different meaning.I thought about this challenge a lot (this was probably the 4th video that I started ahah) and I had so much trouble rendering this video, every time I did the coloring was just not right, and it didn't really bear the atmosphere I wanted. I'm pretty satisfied with the result now though. So enjoy!ASDFGHJKLJKKJSKLSHDF! I just notice that there's a minor glitch at 2:05, the voiceovers are not working. damn. he should say "this is not gonna work". Sorry, I can't possibly re-save the video for the 12th time now.P.S: of course I heard about Lisa, and of course I didn't really like the season finale. That was probably another reason why I was so motivated to edit this video.To be honest though, it's not that I didn't like it, I just felt it didn't live up the standard of the other season finales. It's just madness, which ok, at least is perfectly related to House character.--[!]BACKUP ACCOUNT: [first strike recieved.] FACEBOOK PAGE: OF THE CLIPS AND SONG USED BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. MADE FOR FUN NOT PROFIT.
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