When ABBA met Disney - 10 movies, 10 songs.

https://vimeo.com/41501124I can't believe I was finally able to get this done. You can't imagine the fun I had making this video! Abba are so damn perfect for Disney, they just have that 'fairytale feeling'.I've been slowly working on this project for quite some time now, and I have to say that I'm rather happy with the result!I won't say anything about the concept or the video itself, as it should be self explanatory.A pretty important thing though: I'm still using final cut. The editing is simpler because the project requires it, but if you don't like it or feel like it's too 'plain', I would like you to tell me. It felt awkward that my last megamind video didn't get much attention. But hey, I hear ya! I might had you a little bored with all those silly animation videos. aha, but don't worry. I intend to keep vidding movies as well, so don't lose your faith:)Now to the most important thing of the description, the dedications:the first one goes to Leonardo. why? Because he's awesome and his enthusiasm for my Disney videos always means a lot. Plus I promised him:P so well, I just hope you are gonna love this!And the second one goes to Daniela, from whom I took the idea of the menu.She's an amazing person and an even more amazing editor, here's the channel link for those who don't know her: http://www.youtube.com/user/CantRushPerfectnessok, that's it. it's basically 2 a.m now.I think I'll go to sleep since University awaits for me tomorrow, aggrh.About that, this might be my last video in a while. I have like umm.. five exams in June. I think it's better if I stop making up stories about 'abba viruses' and get my ass back to work, haha.adios amigos!ps: I took part of this amazing project hosted by jenny, take a look, there are some TRULY brilliant editors who took part as well!http://youtu.be/y93Hfq2gsR0
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