It's a Classic Rhapsody [feat. Disney Classics]

[IMC entry N.2The video was not made exactly for the IMC contest, but as you may see, this whole video is built on the Internal movement of the movies: no effects, minimum "beat-transitions", not much "velocity use". Just pure movement and lyrics match. This is probably the video I'm most proud of, that's also why I thought to give it a shot for this contest. ]720p is a MUST!--VIMEO LINK: BY: Queen - Bohemian RhapsodyPROGRAM USED: Sony Vegas 8.0MOVIES:(all of the movies featured in this video are Disney Classics.)FantasiaSleeping BeautyHerculesTarzanAladdinThe Hunchback of Notre DamePocahontasSnow White and the seven dwarfThe Lion KingBambi100 DalmatiansCinderellaMulanRobin HoodThe Princess and the FrogThe Sword in the StoneThe Little MermaidThe Jungle BookThe Beauty and the BeastThe AristocatsThe Emperor's New GrooveAlice in Wonderland--HELLO MY DARLINGS.This video is a dedication to the amazing, sweet and talented Sonia (aka soniarocks18).As you all know, a while ago she made a video on this exact same song ( If you haven't watch it yet, you have my permission to abandon this video to GO WATCH THAT ONE! ). And today here I am, vidding it again, with a tiny little difference: this one is about Disney Classics.It was an amazing experience! It was hard, sure but it was all worth it! The best and hardest part to edit was the second one. Seriously, I just wanted to keep adding things, characters! It seemed like 6 minutes were not enough, I mean can you believe that?I can, cause Disney is just... aw. I can't find a word to describe how I feel about all those movies. They are just perfect in my eyes. All those feelings... I really hope that I was able to communicate them to you through this song. I think that a real vidder goal is managing to match the song with the fandoms without corrupting them too much. I don't know how to explain this. I just mean that one thing is to follow some song's lyrics and make the fandoms go with them(which is actually what I tend to do most of the time-.-). Another is to try to do that while keeping the original atmosphere of the fandom alive. I just hope I was able to succeed in that task, at least in the first part of the song:)But now let's go back to the reason I made this video, Sonia:Girl, you are always a source of inspiration for me. And this video is the leaving proof of it. I'm really happy we got to know each other, not only because you are hands down, one of the best vidders I've ever known. But also because you are an amazing person! Sweet, funny, helpful and talented. So what else can I say? I really, really, really hope you are going to enjoy this to your heart's content. I love you:)--OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE: ACCOUNT: OF THE CLIPS AND SONG USED BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. MADE FOR FUN NOT PROFIT.
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